Trouble Shooting Website Connection Issues.

So you have tried to connect with our home website and the search engine browser that you are using is not co-operating with you. Instead of our website, you see an error message that says something like this:

Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.


Aw Snap! 

Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.
















Or it may read in a number of different ways depending on the website browser you are using. This is not an uncommon problem especially if the website that you are searching for has made recent changes with its website infrastructure.

Our websites have undergone several infrastructure changes since December 2020 and if you have had issues connecting with us since then, the problem most likely lies with some of your device's settings or web browser settings.

Firstly make sure the website you are looking for is still active. If you can see it via these links then the problem can be narrowed to your device and search engine.

1: Check to see if a website is down across the globe or only on your computer screen.

2: Check website availability.

What can cause the error messages (like the one above us: Aw Snap!) is your device's search history has retained old information about the website you are looking for and is having problems connecting with the new information that is necessary to connect with the website afresh. 

What we need to do is remove the old information from your device so that it can establish new connections with the website you are looking for.

Here are some very helpful links to help you. If you have trouble understanding any of the instructions in the links below ask for the help of a teenager nearby. 

1: How to clear your DNS cache? (For Windows and Mac systems)

2:  How to clear out browser cache? (Google - for Android, Computer and iPhone & iPad)

3: Websites don't load - troubleshoot and fix error messages (Firefox).

4: How to clear Safari's cache and cookies on Mac 

If you have tried to follow the instructions in the links above and have had no success, the problem may be elsewhere. You may need to seek further assistance from your internet provider. 

We hope these suggestions have helped you today and you can get back to what you love to do best.

Genesis Pure Botanicals - Team