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We are your online store delivering high-quality CBD Oil in NZ.  Our hemp-derived products are wellness products, meaning they promote well-being for every season of life. We source our organic Industrial Hemp from the most reputable growers in Colorado. All of our supplements are certified, laboratory tested in multiple third-party facilities ensuring the purest, most consistent products. Our CBD products include CBD oil extracts, cannabis oil capsules, concentrates, CBD gummies, CBD soft gels, CBD oil drops, CBD for pets, CBD roll-on-gels, and CBD creams. Buy CBD online with full confidence.

Buy CBD online with full confidence. CBD products like CBD creams, CBD roll-on-gels, and concentrates are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties that work exceptionally well in cramps and pain and can be used on skin and hair - CBD oil can be used to treat dry and rough skin, and it even boosts hair growth too. Genesis Pure Botanicals is the number one online CBD store providing the highest grades of pure CBD oil. Genesis Pure Botanicals is the number one online CBD store providing the highest grades of pure CBD oil.

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Why Choose Genesis Pure Botanicals?

For premium products & VIP customer service!

When you shop for CBD oil online with Genesis Pure Botanicals NZ, you receive our VIP treatment. You are rewarded with store credit on every purchase from our shop. You're invited into our exclusive promotional offers. You will experience how customer service should be - that old-school customer service!

We guarantee the purest, highest quality CBD-rich hemp on the plant. If you're searching for the best CBD oil NZ, CBD hemp Oil NZ, cannabis oil, pure CBD oil and want to buy CBD oil online you can trust our quality and bank on our brand!

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How do you choose between all the online brands?

What separates a good online CBD store New Zealand or CBD oil brand from a bad one when most competitive brands produce a decent quality of pure CBD oil nz with high-quality CO2 extraction, verified lab-testing, and organic raw material sourcing?

The answer to those questions is answered by you, the consumer. If you're going to buy CBD oil online nz, read the customer reviews and feedback about the company and brand. People who are satisfied will tell you the best features of a company and will also call out their flaws. Within the reviews, you want to read about their excellent customer service, their pure CBD oil nz quality that delivers what it promises.

CBD oil online comes down to excellent customer service and great reviews about the product. This is where Genesis Pure Botanicals is recognised as a premium pure CBD oil for sale.


Three Types of Hemp Extract oil (CBD oil)

In most cases the terms hemp extract oil and CBD oil are interchangeable. That said, it is not to be confused with Hemp seed oil which does not contain CBD. Hemp seed oil is exactly what it sounds like, oil from hemp seeds.

All Hemp Extract oil or CBD oil should be made from the CBD-rich stalks, flowers, and leaves of the industrial hemp plant. The extraction process uses specialized methods such as carbon dioxide extraction, where manufacturers draw out an extract that is rich in CBD and other cannabis compounds. It is then bottled with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or a coconut blend called MTC.

Three Types of Hemp Extract oil (CBD oil)

There are three different types of CBD oil on the market: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate.

Full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains all compounds of the cannabis plant, including THC (but at a very low level).

Broad-spectrum CBD oil, which contains all the same compounds as full-spectrum with it does not contain THC at all.

CBD isolate oil contains only one compound and that is the CBD compound.

Wondering Why You Should Take CBD Products In New Zealand?

The advantages of CBD Products are remarkably endless. While most are clinically proven, some are informally certified and have been moved on through times of use. The commonly reported advantages of CBD Products New Zealand are: 

Anxiety Management: All the products served on genesis pure botanicals helps you to handle anxiety. According to various researches Cannabis alterers the response of the brain's receptors to serotonin, a hormone responsible for the feeling of proper social behavior.

Cures Seizures: Scientifically proven taking CBD Oil in 3 to 5 ml along with prescribed medicines lessens the seizure rate by 38% in epilepsy patients.

Pain Management: The impact of CBD oil capsules on your brain's receptors helps in pain management. Studies have shown that cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that deal with pain, especially in arthritis.